A gold bar can be purchased in

Create savings wisely


Select the option of purchasing gold in parts and conclude the deal.
Purchase the bars according to the terms of the deal
Complete the deal and receive a 100-gram bar as well as a 5- or 10-gram bar as a gift.
Why gold, why NOW?

While the world economy degrades and seeks to destroy our goals,
we still have time to protect our financial resources and take care of tomorrow. There is time to take care of one’s own family...

Gold is not a luxury item. Gold is a tool on the path to Financial Security. Given the current conditions, it is risky to rely on the economy of one’s country and its pension system. Your future and the chance to enjoy
life at any age depend only on you!

The mission of our company is to make investment gold accessible
to EVERYONE. Therefore, we consider it our duty to take care
of the well-being of people, and for this we have developed a new
GIG-OS Time Shift project, thanks to which gold will become accessible to you RIGHT NOW!

WHY 100 grams

A 100-gram bar is the most popular and demanded among sellers and buyers of gold, and it enjoys the well-deserved trust both among individuals and various financial institutions involved in retail buying and selling of gold.

A 100-gram bar has the authority that allows its owner to feel like a person who is able to be farsighted, think strategically, a person who took the first step into the world of capital.


Distribution of funds

Plan your budget and allocate your funds smartly.
A 100-gram gold bar can now be purchased in parts
by making 10 or 20 payments.

Favorable terms

After completing the deal, you receive a 100-gram
bar and a 5- or 10-gram bonus bar.


You can conclude a deal on the GIG-OS platform
from anywhere in the world around the clock.


Millions of clients who have concluded
deals under the platform’s guarantee.

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Natalia, Russia

“I am a pensioner, and I care about my future and the future of my family. I want to travel, I want wealth and stability. With the GIG-OS platform, I got an opportunity to make my dreams come true. I am glad to be together with purposeful and successful people — the company’s clients. We all share common goals!”

María Elena, Mexico

“I believe that the GIG-OS platform is one of the best decisions that I have made in my life, because here I was able to find many of my goals and fulfill my dreams.”

Lilia, Mexico

“I am a GlG-OS partner and client. If you dream of traveling and paying off your debts, making your dreams come true, then this is your chance. Make your decision and join us. Gold is more than money!”

Gevork, Russia

“The platform does its best to open up new possibilities for people. A huge thanks to GIG-OS for creating opportunities for growth and development of your clients. I’m sure those who chose GIG-OS would never regret their decision.”
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